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  1. We are keen to make the process by which we develop the KAIG scheme as iterative as possible. The scheme has scope for involvement by a host of different organisations and skills. Let’s communicate!

  2. Fantastic idea. I live in new Zealand- the remnant of Gondwanaland. Hope to send over a seedling of our ancient kauri tree and redflowering ( sandloving) pohutukawa tree. Legend says Eve is buried in Jeddah- she would approve I’m sure!

  3. Just to let you know that the design process is continuing apace and the grading contract has started on site….very exciting. Our plan is to install webcams at strategic points on the site so visitors to the website can keep an eye on progress

  4. The new King Abdullah International Garden in Riyadh will, hopefully, help the ongoing conservation programs for restoring the plant diversity of Saudi Arabia to a certain extent. I wish all success.

  5. Seems as a wonderful project. I just wonder if there is a natural water source in the area? This garden project may need limitless supply of water.

  6. Sorry everyone….I’ve been busy designing an eco-city in the Gobi Desert (as you do!). As an update, the main KAIG scheme has just started on site and will take 3 years to build. The sensitivity will be locating all of the Paleo-botanic collections that we have specified, with help from the specialists at the Eden Project and the Natural History Museum here in London. Then these need to be acclimatised.

    A couple of responses:

    To Marco. Of course, Christians can visit, as can people of all religions

    To Bjorn. If you track through Google Earth down the Mecca/Jeddah highway, leading south west out of the centre of Riyadh, after about 30 kilometres you come to a ‘gateway’ feature. This is just north-west of the site

    To Bente. We will be drawing water from shallow wells (potable) and the discharged effluent from the city (for irrigation). This will be captured and recycled through an on-site RO plant. All planting outside the biomes is specified as desert species and there are no extensive water displays of grass areas. The aim is to make water preservation and re-use one of the central themes of the project.

    More later

  7. I saw this written up in Science Illustrated. What a fantastic project! I can’t wait to visit when it’s finished. One of my favorite gardens is Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. I look forward to following your progress.

  8. Perhaps you might consider recreating the atmospheric conditions and concentrations of gasses, (specifically O2)…

    I’m a Geologist, so of course it is right up my alley. I’m definitely in Riyadh when Phase II opens. See you then!

  9. I am writing a paper on how to grow the perfect garden and I need an international resource. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you

  10. Dear Irfaan

    We have now started the site grading programme. This is aimed at harvesting and storing the different rock, gravel and soil types that will eventually go into the construction of the scheme.

    The Mayor is visiting the site next week and I hope to be there if my diary allows. We are finalising the main packages of design documentation with Buro Happold, the engineers (about 5000 drawings to date). We should therefore have a main contractor on site and working by about May 2009

    In the coming weeks 4 web-cams are being erected on the site so we can all see progress. It probably won’t be very interesting for a year or so but after that things will come together quite quickly

    We will then have to start thinking about the procurement and acclimatisation of the main collections, which is possibly the most challenging task we will face.

    A couple of TV and Film companies are planning to get involved with the scheme, recording the progress we make (warts and all!), but these will only be released in around 2012

    More in due course


  11. I have a few question about the project if you may ,who is the man behind the idea of KAIG? and is the web cam going to be life streaming or recorded? and how long before we see them? and i have seen several designs for the project on the site, wish one will you go with?

  12. Thanks for the further comments everyone….I really must check the blog more often as I am sure it seems rude to reply so infrequently!

    Cathy: Maybe there is something subliminal in your response to the scheme. I am sure the Taiji Bagua reference went straight over my head

    Abdullah: What you now see on the Home page is what we will build. The scheme goes out to tender at the end of the month now that we have finished the full set of design drawings. work has begun on site preparing levels and the main build will start next spring

  13. The scheme has won the CNBC International Property Award for best Leisure project in the Middle East region, presented to the Mayor of Riyadh on the 25th October in Dubai.

    As a result we have qualified for the Global best Leisure project award which is to be announced in San Diego on the 12th November

  14. Yup…just back from San Diego and we won that one too…I think the scheme is beginning to be seen in harmony with many peoples’ thinking about the Climate Change agenda. The KAIG initiative will be a centre of learning and a focus for research into future-proofing the planet. Ideally, I would wish it to become a focus for a research initiative that develops ties with other centres of excellence, both scientific and academic.

  15. Looks an incredibly exciting project – both the concept and the sheer scale of it. I see in the NCE that the tendering process is about to start.
    I would be keen to put a little piece on it onto the ESI Building blog – would I be allowed to use the Barton Willmore illustration on your home page?
    Best of luck with the project – looking forward to following its progress.

  16. Hi Nick !
    I read your comments earlier that you are “designing an Eco-city in the Gobi Desert” !?
    May I ask what kind of lighting system you plan there !?
    We would like to introduce our LED lights what now can be go >70.000 hours, this is cc 16 years if using them 12 hour per day !
    How we could presented our LED lights to project ?!

  17. Dear Nick,

    The project is really funtastic & the idea as well!!

    can I know when will the whole project be completed and open for the public?? approximate date is OK if there is no deadline date.

    Thanks & wish you the best 🙂

  18. Dear Nick

    the idea of the crescents is great, but the structure seems complicated.
    the profiles used, are they standard from a specific company or designed as required by the architectural?


  19. Dear Nick,

    The project is so outstanding =)

    I just would like to ask about the progress for now ?

    and how much will it take to finish the whole project ..

    Thank you

  20. Dear Nick,

    The scheme is very interesting. I am sure that it will attract worldwide interest and boost tourism – if done right. How are works progressing?

    Thank you

  21. HI Nick

    I am happy for this project
    I live here in RIYADH

    I am wondering if there will be REEF AQUARIUMS

    If there will be I will be glade to help

  22. Hi Nick,

    I am based in Riyadh and was curious to know the located of the garden. I would be glad if you could let us know about it.

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